The heartache of change

I am unsure about the title for this poem and I think there may be too many themes running in the poem, i’m unsure about this one but thought i would post it as I feel i need a little feedback.


Frustration swells as I will my work to be finished

I sit rubbing warmth into cold fingers

Fingers that have remained still for too long

The words have started to escape me


Here I sit, crumpled, willing myself to do better

I look through my work and find it lacking

The spark and intrigue I thought were there are not

Do I try to force this piece to improve?


Or do I start again, leave another piece unfinished

The work I thought superior has turned

To wasted words of expression, wasted time,

Talent, creativity. Just black against white


Yet! The piece has become so precious to me

I cannot give up on it now, I must

Persevere and improve those dragging sections

I will breathe new life into the work


I will know in full this heartache of change

The Setting free of parts so dear to me

I must remove all weeds and prune my creation

Feel the pain of breaking up. I leave behind


Just those parts with a great glow of potential

The best must be allowed room to thrive

Yet how I weep for all those words that

I must not, cannot keep.


13 thoughts on “The heartache of change

      1. But that’s part of the beauty of it – the thoughts of a frustrated writer often are a jumble with no clear order to them.

      2. yea i suppose it works 🙂 my poems usually have such a rhythm to them and I work on them till they sound good but this one refused to work how i wanted lol

      3. I try not to worry about rhythm if the words are right. A few of mine don’t have a rhythm but the words worked… well, sort of.

  1. Fiona, I enjoyed reading this. I understand your frustration and your doubt, but you must understand that every word that you put down, not matter what the order or the aesthetic of the form, is a piece of you – and that is everything. We don’t write because we have something to say. No, we write because something that must be said has us to write it. You are a gifted writer who is so authentic that reading your work is like being there talking to you. It is real, and that makes it beautiful. Just write. When you have nothing to write, just write. The words will fall where they are the poet, and you can move the words around, or replace a broken phrase, but the words are truth and sometimes it is best “just to spill them upon the page” and see what happens. I love your writing…don’t doubt yourself. ~ With respect and affection, your fellow poet, Dennis

    1. It is hard to reply and let you know what such a comment means to me. Thank you for such warm encouragement. I think i often over analyse my work so I do try doing writing exercises where i just let the words flow. Thank you again, it honestly means a lot

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