Show and tell

Flash of colour, whirr of track

I’m sat listening to a voice that

Announces arrivals, departures and

I grow restless as I look around


Others leave on their way, traveling fast

This train comes to life, like a spell has been cast

It rattles and rumbles, it is being held back

It wants to rush and fly down the track


The air con wizzes and there’s now more light

The occasional person walks past in my sight

Mostly it’s deserted like nobody’s awake

Just a murmur of words that the people do make


The train starts to fill now with blasts of harsh noise

Fidgeting people all waiting and poised

I don’t know where they travel to

For now we’re together, with a well-trained crew


I feel alone and anxious, I don’t travel well

My pen keeps me company as we do ‘show and tell’


4 thoughts on “Show and tell

    1. hmm i’m not sure i can agree, i love the development of a story. how i learn to truly care for the characters and twists in their tales 🙂 I did do some people watching to try and see how different people hold themselves as i want my characters to be individual 🙂

  1. I tend to ignore people altogether. They don’t bother me; I don’t bother them. But I think the idea of “show and tell” is a really great way of describing it. Very interesting to read. 🙂

    1. yea when that phrase came to mind i knew it worked 🙂 i’m trying to get more real characters in my story writing so i need to observe people a bit more, i felt strange doing so but then i was merely glancing around and writing what i noticed. it’s not like i spent time staring at people lol

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