A rush in the morning

Well i have been away visiting family so i haven’t been doing my challenge, thou i did manage to write 3 poems. I feel I should have tried a bit harder to get some writing done but then I haven’t seen my nieces since Christmas so it was hard to not spend every second with them :). None of these poems are really that great but i was trying to not over sensor my writing and just allow myself to write. That being said i would really love any criticism or feedback 🙂


A rush in the morning

I feel flustered, on edge

I gather all my clothes

For the few days ahead


I should be happy, excited

But my mind’s full of doubts

Have I packed the right stuff?

‘Come on’ I then shout


The husband’s on Facebook

He’s addicted to games

Whilst I stand here fretting

It’s always the same


I don’t travel well

Filled with so many ‘what if’s’

But my husband’s laid back

He slowly starts to shift


I rush out the door and

As we go to the bus

I think of all the things

We may have left in our rush


6 thoughts on “A rush in the morning

  1. I get a very good sense of what you must have felt like from your writing from this poem. I know you ask for criticism, but I find it very difficult to critique someone else’s writing. I go by my gut reaction to someone’s writing, and my gut reaction to your writing is always good. It says that you write the truth of what you see and feel, and to me, that’s good writing.

    1. I use writing often as a way to be more truthful then i dare be when talking to friends or family as i don’t feel they would understand. I’m glad you like my writing and hope that if you do find something you didn’t really like you will tell me 🙂

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