Why give up my life?

You tell me you’re tired

You don’t get much sleep

The children are screaming

The baby does reek


You don’t have the money

You say with a sigh

The kids needed clothing

And Christmas is nigh


You look so near breaking

Your eyes start to shut

So tell me again

To give my life up


For some it is worth it

But I see it all

Your love now blinds you

It’s the kids that do rule


They take all you drive

Your money and time

Whilst I sit at home

Enjoying my wine


I don’t think I’m selfish

To want my own life

If I say I don’t want them

Why stick in your knife


Who are you to say that

My thoughts will now change

You may be a mother, but

my Life’s mine to arrange


I have a husband I care for

Well no, he’s not sick

But I cook and I clean and

I love him to bits


Why mess up my life

Why make such a choice

To me It’s not worth it

I plead in calm voice


The looks turn to disgust

And you shuffle away

Fearing I hate kids

You have nothing to say



I love children’s laughter

Their games and their fun

I love all my family

I just don’t want one!


8 thoughts on “Why give up my life?

    1. I’m not a massive animals in house type i love to see animals outside where i feel they belong :). id love a horse but they cost sooo much and i don’t know how to care for one’

      1. A cat pretty much takes care of itself…except for the food, water, hairballs, litter changes…yeah, I can see why you’re not an animal person. 😛

  1. Honestly while I’m reading it, I have to use google to know what’s the meaning of reek, nigh, and whilst. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    we must really love our families.

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