Beauty hard to show, poem

So the challenge has begun and i wrote over 500 words in my novel fairly easily so doubled my goal 🙂 great start.

Here’s a short poem and there’s another one to follow soon 🙂


Beauty hard to show


Trying to blend the colours

Find the right hue

Fixing different sections

Till an image comes in view


Chalk dust coats my fingers

Leaves my throat raw

A sacrifice for pleasure

Still I tweak some more


My picture may not be the best

But I just had to try

To capture the beauty that

Outside my house does lie


10 thoughts on “Beauty hard to show, poem

  1. I’ve decided against painting the view outside my house. No-one’s ever won a National Art Prize for painting a wheelie bin…although, come to think of it, the Turner Prize winners often produce rubbish.

    1. I am very lucky in where i live but there is always beauty around you 🙂 gosh that sounds awful what i mean is that sometimes we don’t see what’s right there 🙂

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