The family we choose

Ok i wrote this in response to the 100 word challenge, but i think it could be a new story idea, let me know what you think.


I sat listening as Garrik told the group of my family’s demise.

‘The men arrived as the sun was setting. I watched, knowing I could never reach them in time. Chelsea here was out picking flowers when it happened, she was only 3. I found her crying, alone, curled around her mother’s body.’

A tear threatened to escape so I walked away from the group. I never really felt the right emotion about my past, but even so, there’s always a sting in the tale. After a while I felt Garriks arm around me. I let me head rest on his broad shoulder, felling me body relax.


10 thoughts on “The family we choose

    1. oh yay that was what i really hoped, to capture someones curiosity. yay! maybe i will turn this into a short story 🙂 thanks for your comments!

  1. fantastic, you wrote a great scene in so few words. I always find it a challenge to convey a thought with a limited amount of words. You did great 😀

    1. thank you 🙂 it took a lot of re wording and editing chunks of writing :). i hope to really take this idea of conveying thoughts in a few words to my novel writing 🙂

      1. hahaha maybe one of these days i will finish something i start 😛 i’m debating writing up on the blog in short sections once its ready but i dont know 🙂

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