My slide

The world is a spiral, sucking me into its dizzying centre.

Each thought pushes me faster, they crush and overwhelm.

Did I really think I was better? My mind laughs with evil glee.

I try to stop the momentum or at least slow the plummet,

For now all I can do is allow it, try not to add guilt to my burden.


I try to shut out the dizzying fall and as I do I’m sure it slows

Has the internal babble ceased? My mind barely dares to hope.

Soon I have the strength to grip, I can now pull myself up.

Each step is harder to ascend, the progress is slow.


I make my way to the start of the down fall, not really sure how I got here

I’m shattered and hurting but the descent has finished, well at least for now.

I see the bridge I need to cross if I would leave these thoughts behind.

For now my strength has gone, the journey ahead must wait


Maybe tomorrow I will leave my slide behind, Standing to watch the bridge burn.


8 thoughts on “My slide

  1. “My mind laughs with evil glee”…I think we sometimes relish in our descent into darkness…at least the sadistic side of us does. Well written…very descriptive and accurate.

    1. hey thank you for reading, following and commenting yay 🙂 This was a very personal one so was bit nervous about publishing but people seem to like it and relate.

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