No time for nerves

This is half a memory and half fictional and is written for the 100 word challange.

Let me know what you think 🙂

My head ached with hair pulling tight at the roots. The points were sharp as the grip slid into place. Was I bleeding? It felt like she had shoved it into my skull. I fidgeted with nerves about my role in this event. My sister is full of joy, showing no sign of anxiety. My hair was finally all clipped into place and I happily escaped the chair. Looking in a mirror the pain became worth it, never had my hair had so much work done to it. I fretted that my cream outfit would be spoilt as we were rushed into the car.



14 thoughts on “No time for nerves

      1. I let the husband trim my hair a few times, and I’ve discovered its best to get a proper cut lol

    1. lol my dad or sister usually just give mine a chop, it was more a style than a cut in this poem and it was so painful!! i’ve never actually had my hair cut properly

    1. this was actually not my wedding but loosely based on getting ready for my sister’s wedding (she wore a rich purple/red dress it was simply beautiful!!)

      1. Ah that is wonderful! My first guess actually was the other way around, but then I thought surely, the bridesmaid wouldn’t be wearing a cream dress! But a purple/red wedding dress? That sounds divine.

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