Two great friends (revised)

Ok so i have been trying to get this to be less of a poem and also improve the flow. let me know what you think 🙂

Silence ruled the sanctuary so completely.

People knew to be hushed here.

The very paintings admonished loud sounds.

All sounds except whispering of prayers.

Sometimes joyful sounds filled the air.

Now was a time of peacefulness.

Stillness seeped into everything and everyone.

The wind outside ceased it’s howling.

Those entering respected this unenforced quite.

Footsteps careful, muffled, yet echoing uncontrollably.

Embarrassed owners soon found their seats.


Silence was rarely gone from here.

To the priest it was blessings

Children found it a constant struggle.

Each of their fidgets met disapproval.

Their gaze wanders around the building.

They notice the light filtering in.

The light slowly creeps through windows.

It seems unwilling to draw attention.

One child gazed at the glass.

Her boardum replaced by silent joy.


Silence is the sanctuary’s great companion.

Silence flows everywhere filling the room.

It clings to each ornate wall.

The sanctuary caresses and loves silence.

They are friends of many years.

They indulge the priest’s songs, prayers.

Separating these friends till silence returns.  

The priest’s normally a quiet man.


Sanctuary prefers silence to the songs.

Both glad that silence is greater.

The Sanctuary contrasts the rumble outside.

There noise is triumphant over silence.

Vehicles rumble on in endless cacophony.

Here it is peaceful and calm.

Here’s sanctuary from all the chaos.

Man created this noisy, hectic life.

Here they run from their creation.

Does God forgive their great foolishness?

Sanctuary has no way to know.


The soft glow of light dwindles.

Those remaining now leave the church.

Alone the priest kneels in prayer.

Night grows heavy, silence grows strong.

Not even the whispered prayers remain.

Man is silent, dreaming peaceful dreams.

Silence is joyful, reining all-powerful.

The sanctuary misses people’s awed gaze.

Misses the purpose it was built.

It yearns to bring God closer.


2 thoughts on “Two great friends (revised)

    1. thank you. i really appreciate your comments thou feel free to critique if there is something you don’t like let me know that to 🙂 i want to improve.

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