Pain explained

How can I find words to explain my pain?

For what’s in a title? What’s in a name?

Some battle through cancer as if it a cold

For others the cancer is a D word


It’s more than just symptoms a listing of pain

It’s my mind that is broken again and again.

The outward appearance means nothing at all

I may look as healthy as the lady next door


So how to explain this hell I live in

It something so complex so where to begin

To tell you I’m hurting thou no bone is broke

Or tell you for some my illness is a joke


If you’re looking for a quick answer from me

I’m sorry to disappoint I need at least 3

3 years of notes then some time to show

For till you have seen it you never will know


Yet even my husband who cares for me well

Never will grasp the depths of me hell


7 thoughts on “Pain explained

    1. i think im a bit lucky when it comes to the pain just often get hit with depression ect. wasn’t sure whether to post the poem or not as didn’t want to be moaning. thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. I’m so sorry for your pain. I’m glad I came across this post… I had surgery last week and have come to find out some very interesting facts. I need to share the details with someone who understands indescribable pain, and I hope you don’t mind.

    I was diagnosed with fibro back late in 2011. Tons of exclusionary tests and four months after the severe pain began I was finally diagnosed by a rheumatologist. I spent a year and a half in excruciating pain. Heating pad plugged in everywhere I could – actually messed up the outlet in our car. At times I slept in baths, just long enough to drain and refill with hot water and go back to sleep. It was like there was an entire human body just an inch deep from the outer layer of my skin and it was in fire with pain. And nothing made it stop. I had had surgery before this all began and had plenty of pain meds. Was given more for the fibro and I couldn’t take enough of them to stop the pain- so I kept taking more and more and eventually started adding alcohol to the mix. I was an addict and alcoholic before the pills- but they were never my thing- but take enough- they become a thing. Well. I got clean at the beginning of last year, and shortly after, that pain was gone! I just figured my fibro was in remission, it was a God thing, or that my body had started fighting the pain on its own. Well, after being shot up with opiates after surgery and taking two loritabs every four hours (as prescribed) for two days- the same fibro pain came back!!!!! I was screaming in pain, couldn’t sleep for two days, traumatized by the thought that it was back…And then it dawned on me- the common denominator was pain meds. So I looked online and learned that there is something called “opiate induced hyperalgesia”. So I quit the pain meds and the next day the pain was gone. I was soooo angry that no one considered that! That I lived and based all my “life” around that pain. It’s only by God’s grace that I’m alive considering the amount of drugs I was taking. I’ve calmed down now, anger soothed through contemplation- it was enlightening and I guess I acknowledge that I need to ultimately be responsible for my health… It was just hard. I don’t know that this has ANYTHING to do with your experience- but I just wanted to share mine just in case. No one should have to live that way. Now I question whether or not I even have it????? Anyways, thanks for letting me share that. Just happened to click on this post- and felt compelled. Peace to you.

  2. I’m glad you shared but to me it sounds like you may had hyperalgesia all along. What do u take for fibro now? Are you still battling the pain? As I said in an above comment, I struggle more mentally than physicaly though I do have a constant aching pain n muscle spasms. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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