Does acupuncture help fibro sufferers?

Hey please help me if you know. I have a neck and shoulder injury that isnt part of my fibro pain and the physio has suggested acupuncture…should i go for it.


I’m a little worried that it will really hurt esp as i have been warned it can get worse first and i already had an awful experience with a steroid injection that only increased my pain and never gave any benefit.

Im also a little nervous of the needles and that it could make me more dizzy (im already using a stick for support)

If you or someone you know has fibro and has tried acupuncture please please let me know how it went.



2 thoughts on “Does acupuncture help fibro sufferers?

  1. Hey there Fi! Well, I know this post is dated back a bit, but seems there were no comments, I thought I would leave my thoughts for you. I found a GP that does accupuncture, and he is amazing! I saw him one day for a bad neck and when I say bad, I mean, I couldn’t turn my head! He popped one needle in my scalp and said “turn your head” I looked at him all dubious like, but did it anyway. It turned! Then he added another needle and said “try again” and I had full movement! Don’t ask me how it works, I could tell you but that doesn’t matter! What matters is, it is weird and spooky and worth a shot. Plus, the needles are sooo fine they move into the pore of the skin so you don’t really feel it! I don’t have fibro, but I think accupuncture is always worth a shot (get it… shot!) Hope it helps.

    1. thanks for the comment, i decided to not go for it as i am no longer in agony but i may have to consider it again sometime so its worth knowing 🙂 my main fear is that i will react in similar way i did to a recent injection but i think its very unlikely really just worried it would be more harm than good.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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