Parabens in face wipes

I am currently testing a new face wipe from Simple as part of being a Bzzagent.Image

I was shocked that a company known for caring about the skin used Parabens in its products. I didn’t know much about parabens but I knew there was a link with cancer. I did some more research and got a little confused but here are my findings.


Parabens are naturally occurring  so products that are made from natural ingredients could contain them. I was more than a little worried as I have recently started to use more natural products in an attempt to look after my skin.

parabens could be linked with breast cancer but the studies don’t look very conclusive… the first big notice of parabens linked with cancer was in 2004 but the number of subjects was considered low (20 people) and there was no control group where the paraben concentration is observed in healthy women who regularly use cosmetics containing parabens. This means that the link between parabens is more of a hypothesis NOT fact. even so I think its best to lessen the intake of parabens just to be on the safe side.

There is also a link saying that use of parabens before going out into the sun can enhance the UV rays! 😦 not a good idea.

One website really tried to hit home that the parabens are not harmfull;

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP), under the European Commission in January 2005 issued a clear notice that there is no causal relationship between the use of deodorants and breast cancer. The FDA estimated that currently there is no reason why the use of cosmetics containing parabens should concern consumers, quite the contrary. The NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) established in April 2009 that “Parabens in cosmetic products are considered safe” and are the best preservatives in cosmetics if they are used as instructed.


My conclusion is that until their is a more detailed study into the cumulative use of parabens over a period of years I will remain weary.Image


Also included in the list of ingredient was Cetearyl alcohol. But the packaging clearly stated it was free from alcohol! I got very frustrated until I found out that their are three definitions of alcohol;

One being the substance often used in cosmetics, the second being the alcohol you drink and the third being the chemical composition.

Cetearyl alcohol is alcohol by chemical standards but it doesn’t preform in the same way as other alcohols, mainly it doesn’t dry out the skin and may actually help lock in moisture. Confusing I know, but its not harmful to the skin yay!

I have yet to decide whether i like the Simple face wipes as they seemed a little rough on my skin as I am used to soothing cream cleansers. The wipes may be easier to pack when travelling thou 🙂

one of the perks of trying out this product is i have been given a promotional code enabling free skin consolation on Simple’s website. Even better is that i can share my code with you! 

promotional code BZZ13 visit


2 thoughts on “Parabens in face wipes

  1. Hi Fi, It’s good to see you back ‘in town’. Thank you for the visit. I hope you’ve been well as I know you’ve not been around.
    I clicked on this link in my email and it’s interesting because I use an emollient prescribed by the doctor. You’ve probably heard of it – Diprobase. Now, it particularly says on it ‘contains no parabens’. When I first started using it yonks ago I had no idea what they were initially. I presumed the reason the doc had prescribed this cream for me was because I can’t used perfumed soap or anything which triggers allergic reaction whether it be soaps or detergents.
    I’ve used it for years now – a big pump-based dispenser of the stuff. You can use it for washing and as a hand and body and face cream. It’s magic stuff! If you leave it on your face like a mask it just seeps into any drier areas and then you wipe off any excess. Like rejuvenation in a bottle from the doc. 🙂 And then he fills another prescription for it when you’re done. Anyone with sensitive skin or a tendency to eczema or dermatitis can/should use it or something like it.
    I take it that the fact it contains no parabens is because of the potential they have to trigger irritation in those with sensitive skin.
    Anyway, I’ve yacked on enough. 😉
    I do hope you’re ok and ready to roll again. 🙂 x

    1. hi there i a trying to get bak into the swing of reading posts and perhaps writing again. this is a ery old post but yes i would say that perhaps it does proe that parbens an be harfel to the skin. i would say that in sall doses they arent worrying but when you start to look at all the produts that do ontain parabens it gets a bit onerning. there still isnt enough researh into the long ter effets but i a now less worried as i one was. still aware but not worried 🙂 sorry the keyboard is strange 😦

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