Dove compressed deodorant

I love trying new things and was so happy to join where i can trail products and then give reviews. i decided that rather than keeping my reviews to a small place where very few would even read them i would instead write about products on  this blog.


Dove Compressed Deodorant

i found that unlike usual aerosols i hand a firm grip on the can, possibly due to the smaller size and corved shaping.Dove compressed deodorant is the very first product i have tested and my initial impressions were very good. It’s look was simple yet eye catching with a green band around the top and the size and shape made it fit perfectly in my hand.

I have sensitive skin and so have always prefer to use roll ons.The first use had no negative effect and actually felt quite soothing and feels more refreshing than my usual dove roll on. I was also impressed with how quickly it dried 

Day 2 and the dry fresh feeling lasted through the night and i didn’t feel any great need to use the deodorant but used it out of habit. there was still now irritation to my sensitive skin

my husband kindly offered to try it out as he has sensitive skin and asthma that usually means he cant use a spray.

He found this one causes no irritation and no breathing difficulty, making it the only spray on he has been able to use to date! He may actually keep using this product. we speculate that the lack of breathing difficulties is due to using less gas.

On the 4th day of using the deodorant however I started to experience very irritated skin in the evening and by morning my arms were still slightly itchy. this may have been due to spraying it to close or spraying too much. the next day i tried to spray less and my arms were still irritated but by day 7 the irritation had faded.

I will continue to use the product and try to find out what caused the irritation but I speculate that it was using to much of the product.

The main selling point of this deodorant is that its smaller yet lasts as long as a normal sized can. this is done by using less gas and therefore means less packaging and a better environment.

I will have to wait to see how long it truly lasts but I am sceptical that such a small can could possibly last as long.



One thought on “Dove compressed deodorant

  1. The irritation didn’t last, i needed to use only a tiny amount as it works so very well. The deodorant lasted an amazing 100 days and i’m not rounding up. how strange to have such a number.
    For some this wouldn’t last as long but as i said i only needed to use the tiniest amount each day :). I will write a new comment when i buy and use a normal dove spray and see how many days that lasts 🙂 I really am very impressed with this small can!

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